Antwerp in 2023

Antwerp in 2023

So much more than a destination

There's certainly lots to look forward to this year. ​ Whatever the season, there's something to see and experience in Antwerp. So, we’ve put together a few highlights for you in advance. In this calendar, you will be able to discover some of the city's best highlights, along with some new events that will make 2023 in Antwerp, unforgettable. We will also add new items on a regular basis, so that you're always up to date. Whether you come to Antwerp for a hearty dose of culture, to soak up history, to shop or to enjoy culinary delights, Antwerp has it all.


Exhibitions in Antwerp
Antwerp is the foremost cultural destination by far. The city is home to a diverse range of interesting exhibitions and museums for you to visit...
Fashion in Antwerp
Antwerp is a must for any fashion fan. This quirky city has its place alongside other fashion capitals such as Paris, London, Milan and New York...
Antwerp as a haven for food-lovers
Antwerp is a city of 'bon viveurs' The city's pubs serve the best beers, while foodies can enjoy the most delicious traditional and multicultural...
Events in Antwerp
The City of Antwerp is proud of the many events that take place there, from a philharmonic orchestra on the Scheldt to the famous Antwerp 10...
Temporary closure of The Rubens House
Experience twice as much Rubens after the renovation.

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About Visit Antwerpen

Antwerp, city on the stream, world port, international diamond centre, home to Rubens and renowned Mecca for fashion… all these aspects make Antwerp the city it is meant to be: a dazzling, hospitable easy to get around metropolis, cosy and heart-warming, plenty of stimulating greenery and calm nooks. A great shopping paradise with shops of designers from Antwerp and superior expertise. A cultural city blessed with delightful architecture, impassioned works of art and impressive monuments. In the cafés they serve the best beers and in the many restaurants food enthusiasts can enjoy the most delicious traditional and multi-cultural dishes. Antwerp is something else and a lot more fun, come and find out for yourself!