Antwerp as a haven for food-lovers

Antwerp as a haven for food-lovers

Antwerp is a city of 'bon viveurs' The city's pubs serve the best beers, while foodies can enjoy the most delicious traditional and multicultural dishes in its many restaurants. Expect original flavours, innovative concepts and, above all, top quality. There's plenty of choice to indulge your taste buds: from brown pubs to masterful cocktail bars and from hip lunch spots to gourmet starred restaurants. Or simply stop by one of the city's culinary events.


15 years of "Antwerpen Proeft"

18 until 21 May 2023

Lovers of great food and drink should not miss Antwerpen Proeft. Star chefs, tasteful restaurants, familiar faces and the better food trucks offer signature dishes at Antwerp Proeft. Free cooking demonstrations and culinary workshops also help serve up an even livelier atmosphere. This year, Antwerp Proeft is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary.

Beer Passion Weekend

30 June, 1 and 2 July 2023

A beer festival in the city's historic centre, with a selection of more than 200 Belgian beers: fruity, heavy blonde, brown, red, abbey and trappist.

Billies Craft Beer Fest

10 and 11 November 2023

Every winter, Billies Beer Kafeteria hosts its own beer festival featuring more than 50 international breweries.

All-in international Craft Beer Festival voted Belgiums best beer festival organised by an Antwerp based dog, called Billie




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About Visit Antwerpen

Antwerp, city on the stream, world port, international diamond centre, home to Rubens and renowned Mecca for fashion… all these aspects make Antwerp the city it is meant to be: a dazzling, hospitable easy to get around metropolis, cosy and heart-warming, plenty of stimulating greenery and calm nooks. A great shopping paradise with shops of designers from Antwerp and superior expertise. A cultural city blessed with delightful architecture, impassioned works of art and impressive monuments. In the cafés they serve the best beers and in the many restaurants food enthusiasts can enjoy the most delicious traditional and multi-cultural dishes. Antwerp is something else and a lot more fun, come and find out for yourself!