New Rubenshuis and garden open from 30 August 2024

New Rubenshuis and garden open from 30 August 2024

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The Rubenshuis will re-open on 30 August 2024. Visits will then start from Hopland 13. The brand-new building by Robbrecht en Daem architecten provides access to the Rubens Experience, the lush, redesigned baroque garden and the library. A robust piece of architecture, a colourful ceiling-less museum hall, 2,000 meters of books and papers and an offering that focuses on experience and comfort. This completes the first major renovation of the Rubenshuis. Tickets can be purchased on the Rubenshuis website.

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Rubens Experience: immerse yourself in Rubens' life

Demonstrating the same vision that Rubens did when converting his house into a palace in the city, Robbrecht en Daem architecten have designed a contemporary building that will serve as the new entrance to the Rubenshuis. At Hopland 13, you can access the Rubens Experience, the lush, redesigned Baroque garden and the library. The artist's universe has been expanded and becomes accessible to all. In the Rubens Experience, complex technology will immerse you in the artist's universe. You will also come face to face with the master himself: one of the side rooms are home to several works of art, including his famous self-portrait. At the library, everyone gets to explore the thousands of documents for themselves.

Simulation Rubens Experience © Wondering
Simulation Rubens Experience © Wondering

A colourful museum in the open air

The new garden has become the green extension of Rubens' city palace. After an extensive study of hundreds of archived documents, floral still-lives, gardeners' handbooks, and even handwritten letters from Rubens himself, the garden has now been brought back to life. The contemporary design showcases 17,500 plants, including tulips, marigolds, citrus plants, fig trees, medlar trees and magnolias. Thanks to colour advice from fashion designer Dries Van Noten, each season brings with it a new set of colours. From this green oasis in the middle of the city, there is a beautiful view of Rubens' house.


The new garden of the Rubenshuis © Ars Horti
The new garden of the Rubenshuis © Ars Horti


The historical artist's residence is still closed for restoration.

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